Shew in Durham

Got a really big shew in Durham on Thursday Nov. 13 at the GLoft. I’ll let ol’ Ross Grady explain — from this week’s Things to do on Amch:

Thursday, November 13
Lud (
Transportation (
Dawn Chorus (
Hundred Air (
G Loft, Durham

This is a showcase for Fractured Discs, which is building a super-solid
track record of quietly releasing great records by NC bands. All four
bands on this bill have released albums on Fractured at some point in
the past year (or, in the case of Lud, are fixing to in the next few
weeks). The new Lud album, in fact, is easily going to be on my top 10
for the year.

The show was put together by Louis and Jamie from Tin Star, and it’s
happening at the G Loft, which is attached to George’s Garage on 9th
Street. Between these guys & the opening of The Pinhook, we’re getting
damn close to something resembling critical mass in Durham. Bring yr