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lud roasted chile sauce

cooking with lud archive lud roasted chile sauce Plenty of variations on this one are possible by using different chiles. The procedure is about the same for any degree of hotness. Two or three dried anchos; Two or three New Mexico chiles (the long red ones or something close); One big tomato half a yellow […]


sunday session

This session went well—about six tracks total and a lot of no pressure recording. We’ll have a few audio tracks up after Thanksgiving. We kept it real simple, saying screw the bleed (we all play real loud anyway) and forgoing the baffles and such. It made for a nicer environment and really helped with communication.


welcome to ludland

Yesterday before heading to the studio, I registered the new site. Today, we’re getting ready to head back to the studio and things are starting to happen. First off, this blog-looking homepage. It’s in wordpress, which I really like and, yes, this a generic theme we’re using—but it’s a nice one and we’ll trick it […]