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Recording to start, band excited

Well, after a long wait we’ve found a way to record our sixth record, tentatively entitled Record Number 6. We’re pleased to announce that the lovely and talented Pete Weiss will be jumping on a plane and coming down to work with us. Mr. Weiss is a longtime friend of the band. Years ago his […]

Ludland revisited

We’ve been able to reclaim the old long lost Ludland site and most of the files. This makes us very happy. Putting up new/old things. There may be a few, well several, bum links if you delve too far into the past, but we’ll be fixing as we go.

‘Maybe we need a light show’

A rare moment of brainstorming about our stage presence. We are discussing a light show. In retrospect Sara’s holodeck idea is not all that farfetched. Tim had some pretty strong thoughts about things.