The Codfish Chronicles

We hope you enjoy the first part of the episode one of the first season of Cooking with Lud (that’s a mouthful). I won’t spoil the surprise, but I will say that the next episode does not have nearly the amount of subtitles. Also, I’m looking for someone who can do a voice overs in various languages.
Also, also — trying this with Facebook video instead of YT. Thoughts or suggestions?

Imported Food

Slack But Efficient
Instead of a complicated transfer (well, complicated for me), I elected to just cut an paste the seven or so posts from the blogger Cooking With Lud blog. That’s why there is a flurry of cooking posts.


Good wedding food

cooking with lud archive from April 2005

Good wedding food

Kate Fix and Jason Summers, who did that awesome documentary on Dead Moon, got hitched out at their spread in Alamance. In addition to plentiful cheese and oysters (with it being the last day of April, some were a bit nervous about the oysters), the main food was brought in by the Barbecue Joint in Chapel Hill. Fine blackpepper cornbread, icebox pickles, pickled okra, beans and strange, strange pickled turnips, slaw and, of course, their famous barbecue.Good wedding food