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Immigration Song


It would be remiss of us on this day of solidarity not to post the Immigration Song.
This song was recorded about ten years ago at Yellow Recording on Rosemary Street. It is kind of a cruiseline commercial or at least I always thought so. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. And, yes, there is another backward guitar solo.
Here’s how the lyrics go:

Immigration Song by Lud

What we got is a place to take the boat to
What we got are these sunny afternoons
Join us here where the truths are self-evident
Oxygen, propriety and that strange sensation

I don’t know if I can take tomorrowland
I don’t know about these sunny afternoons
And I don’t know if this will damage your convictions
But the people who seem to make it here
aren’t the people who seem to make it here

Live in the car Live in the promised land
Living living living in a sunny afternoon
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
In this civil society—the manifestest destination

Then Sara sings something secret in Russian)

Line-up: Bryon, Paul, Me, Mr. Fabulous (Evans Nicholson) with Sara Bell on vocals
Audio: Immigration Song


sunday session

This session went well—about six tracks total and a lot of no pressure recording. We’ll have a few audio tracks up after Thanksgiving.
We kept it real simple, saying screw the bleed (we all play real loud anyway) and forgoing the baffles and such. It made for a nicer environment and really helped with communication.


welcome to ludland

Yesterday before heading to the studio, I registered the new site. Today, we’re getting ready to head back to the studio and things are starting to happen.
First off, this blog-looking homepage. It’s in wordpress, which I really like and, yes, this a generic theme we’re using—but it’s a nice one and we’ll trick it out for sure.
More later but I’ve got dinner started and gotta run.