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Over the mountain

From Lud’s record album V.
Song for Someone’s Dad
Lyrics as follows:

Song for Somone’s Dad

Well the bell on the hill
acts as a primitive tripwire
down below, guarding corners
sits an urban militia

Times are bad the money’s good
but there’s manic whirring bits
Vidi, Vici, Vendi
for the fuck of it

We’re going up over the mountain
going up over the mountain
the mountain today

I know this, I’ll tell you what
I will never look much farther
than the curve up ahead
or the rise off the highway

I honor you, you honor me
as we’re pacing off the ditch
gleaming, streaming, bleeding
for Columbia first

We’re going up over the mountain
Though the mountain gets a little higher

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Tribute to German Jam Bands/ Future Dance Hit

This is a medley of two songs we play. The first is called Tribute to German Jam Bands of the Late 1970s and Early 1980s. The second is called Future Dance Hit of America — or at least for now it is.

The medley was recored live at Fuse nightclub on Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on May 30, 2007. We used an Edirol R-1 sitting on the table in front of us.

Audio: ludatfuse2-3.mp3: TGJB & FDHA