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Tribute to German Jam Bands/ Future Dance Hit

This is a medley of two songs we play. The first is called Tribute to German Jam Bands of the Late 1970s and Early 1980s. The second is called Future Dance Hit of America — or at least for now it is.

The medley was recored live at Fuse nightclub on Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on May 30, 2007. We used an Edirol R-1 sitting on the table in front of us.

Audio: ludatfuse2-3.mp3: TGJB & FDHA

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Force Majeure

I’m sure all you smart lawyer types know that Force Majeure is a lovely term of art. I’ve always though it would be a good song name. Recently, when I looked up the definition I found that Force Majeure clauses cover natural disasters, Acts of God, war and the failure of third parties. I’ve always wanted to be in a band that covers stuff like that.

So now Force Majeure is the temporary name (until we get the cease and desist order) for Bryon Settle and I in our guitars-from-under-the-sea-and-outerspace-and-some-coal-mine duo mode. We’ve booked into Wetlands for a September 12 show. It looks like a wonderful bill with Paleo and The Scourge of the Sea.

Here is a track from last Wednesday’s so called rehearsal. Remember folks; just two guitars and some pedals—nothing fancy. Oh, and it’s almost nine minutes long.

Audio: Settle and Ross as Force Majeure 1

As some of you geezers know Bryon and I used to do this kind of thing in the early 1990s just to bug people when everybody was, you know, still very 80s, very “my band this” and “my band that.”

Little did we know that our little anti-act would earn us a place in the famed WTF movement that was blossoming in the basements around town. One night, playing as the Cryptic Guitar Ensemble along with Paul Price and Randy Pelosi, we managed four gigs—starting out by backing a poetry reading at the Hardback, then The Cave, then somewhere else (maybe the old Cradle?) and ending up at La Terraza where I saw some very messed up people nod off to our soothing strains.

I have this odd sense that our little towns are on the verge of another music thing. Act naturally.