V Lyrics & Liner Notes

Side One
1. One More Dollar
2. V
3. A Little About the Band
4. This Thing Called Love
5. Spy Planes Ruled My Childhood

Side Two
1. Song for Someone’s Dad
2. Several Million Light Years From Now
3. Tribute to German Jam Bands of the Late 1960s and Early 1970s
4. Those Stupid Bastards Poisoned the Town
5. Juniper
6. 3 am

Recorded on digital and analog devices from 2005-2008. 3 AM and Tribute to German Jam Bands were recorded live to tape at Yellow Recording in Hillsborough by Bryon Settle and Mike Beard. All other tracks recorded at the Music Loft in Durham by Brian Paulson. Overdubs for those back at Yellow and at Paulson’s house in Carrboro. Squirrels and F-15s practicing a flyover at Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill recorded Fall, 2007. Frogs and fireworks in A Little About the Band recorded July 4, 2007 near a pond south of Chapel Hill. Rain Ladder at the end recorded by Bryon Settle in Hillsborough in 2006.
Produced by Brian Paulson and Kirk Ross with Lee Waters and Bryon Settle.
Master by the wonderful Carl Saff
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One More Dollar

One More Dollar/ One More Cigarette
One More Holler/ One More Holler
(Kinda like something familiar)
(One of just five or six billion)
(tastes like something familiar)
(shake it like one in a million)
The Key’s on the table
(in the hall there is a table)
Write if you’re able
(in the drawer’s an invitation)
Check it out later
I swear, I will wait for you
Just for tonight/ Everybody’s a story
He was a scholar wearing a collar
She was a Roosevelt
from the Van Allen Belt
Just for tonight everybody’s a story
As the music rakes the fashion industry crowd — content to make the fashionable loud/ And spread their lies
And you can check it out later


It’s enough to give a mortal soul a nervous breakdown/ Here in the 21st Century American Shakedown/ Where we say a little prayer for what went wrong
And we say a little prayer for what goes on/ and we save a few prayers for what’s to come/ For the * and the * and the ***
And another/ and another/ and another mother’s child goes fading away
but it was a pretty good summer
for Francis Picabia

A Little About the Band

Well it’s kinda like something familiar
and it’s playing with us like we were children
this diarama in a future pavilion
shake it like one in a million

Wonder if anyone’s listening
to the Listerine drunk on the ballestrade
spit on his lip in the streetlight glistening

I’ll be around I’ll be your friend
won’t let you swerve in traffic now
here is the sound it never ends
it’ll ask the questions here
and true, there is no choice
the means is the end
and this baby turns on a dime

The Thing Called Love

It’s the same old story
Some day you just meet someone
and from that day forward
it’s not the same old story
One day you might kiss someone
and from that day forward
it’s not the same old story
that’s the explanation sweeping the nation
yeah the explanation sweeping the nation

Spy Planes Rules My Childhood

Fly away/ Seventy-one

Song For Someone’s Dad

Well the bell on the hill
acts as a primitive tripwire
Down below guarding corners
sits an urban militia
Times are band the money’s good
But there’s manic whirring bits
Vedi Vici Vendi for the fuck of it
We’re going up over the mountain
I know this I tell you what
I will never look much farther
than the curve up ahead
or the rise off the highway
I honor you you honor me
as we’re pacing off the ditch
gleaming streaming bleeding
for Columbia first
We’re going up over the mountain
and the mountain gets a little higher

Several Million

Light Years from Now
People keep dying power keeps lying
and everyone want to go to the moon
but everybody knows the truth
the future seems hazy this boy damn lazy
but even I can see right through
clear through
everybody know everybody knows

Tribute to German Jam Bands

. . .at the time it means nothing . . .

Those Stupid Bastards Poisoned the Town

The Man gives the money to another Man
You stand there with your hat in your hand
They don’t care a thing about you
They don’t care a thing about you
Sisters, brothers, space aliens
Best get your licks in while you can
They don’t care a thing about you
They don’t care a thing about you
Well I’m sitting here wishing
for a little peace in the world
Ain’t nothing wrong with that, punk
No, nothing wrong with that
What ever made you think that your troubles would be easy, casual or temporary?
The system is rigged against you
The system is rigged against you
When the system is rigged against you
There is nothing you can really do to break even/ Quién Es Simon Bolivar?
Here’s hoping that somebody comes up
with a better end of the world
One that’s a little more peaceful
And not so hard on the girl

All songs by Ross, Settle and Waters except Several Million, which is by Ross, Lener, Settle and Waters.
Published by Blue Wild Indigo Music
BMI with administration by Bug Music

Record release party at The Cave

Gosh golly this is going to be a big deal.
Opening the show is Awesome, which includes Bryon’s son Basie. This is, I think, their first Chapel Hill show and we’re very proud to have them on the bill. They are as their name implies.
Awesome starts (probably) around 10 or 10:30 or so. Not a long set I’m told, so don’t missit.
Then we’ll have a prize drawing for a piece of rare Lud memorabilia — no hints here, but it does not include any articles of clothing (sorry, we’re all out of LudThongs).
From there, we’ll play two sets — a nice, pleasant poppy set and a late, driving rockwonderous set.
Then we’ll sit down and go ‘whooo’ a few times and then go home.
This is all to celebrate the release of V, which is going to get some press this week it seems.
So, get your tickets early, squirrelly.
We’ll have both CDs and LPs for sale and that will be great.
All proceeds from the tickets and show go to the Record-Another-Lud-Record Fund.
Please consider attending this event and egging us on for your Saturday evening amusement.