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Immigration Song


It would be remiss of us on this day of solidarity not to post the Immigration Song.
This song was recorded about ten years ago at Yellow Recording on Rosemary Street. It is kind of a cruiseline commercial or at least I always thought so. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. And, yes, there is another backward guitar solo.
Here’s how the lyrics go:

Immigration Song by Lud

What we got is a place to take the boat to
What we got are these sunny afternoons
Join us here where the truths are self-evident
Oxygen, propriety and that strange sensation

I don’t know if I can take tomorrowland
I don’t know about these sunny afternoons
And I don’t know if this will damage your convictions
But the people who seem to make it here
aren’t the people who seem to make it here

Live in the car Live in the promised land
Living living living in a sunny afternoon
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
In this civil society—the manifestest destination

Then Sara sings something secret in Russian)

Line-up: Bryon, Paul, Me, Mr. Fabulous (Evans Nicholson) with Sara Bell on vocals
Audio: Immigration Song




Shenny is the band name for Shenandoah, a song we recorded first with drummer Eric Herman, Paul, Bryon and me. That version is on the Day Before Yesterday sampler and has a backward guitar solo. We actually flipped the tape for it and everything.
The second version here is from Epiflot and features Ed Butler on drums, along with Paul, Bryon and yers. Both versions were recorded at Yellow Recording on Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill. This would have been around 1999 or so.
Audio: Shenandoah.mp3

Imported Food

Slack But Efficient
Instead of a complicated transfer (well, complicated for me), I elected to just cut an paste the seven or so posts from the blogger Cooking With Lud blog. That’s why there is a flurry of cooking posts.


Good wedding food

cooking with lud archive from April 2005

Good wedding food

Kate Fix and Jason Summers, who did that awesome documentary on Dead Moon, got hitched out at their spread in Alamance. In addition to plentiful cheese and oysters (with it being the last day of April, some were a bit nervous about the oysters), the main food was brought in by the Barbecue Joint in Chapel Hill. Fine blackpepper cornbread, icebox pickles, pickled okra, beans and strange, strange pickled turnips, slaw and, of course, their famous barbecue.Good wedding food